You wish to excite your beloved ones in an unusual way? Why not surprise them with a fallen star!

Our internet shop gives you an opportunity to buy a meteorite or a meteorite ornament. All ornaments are unique and are presented in a single copy. Here and now you can make a purchase you like and also order a product on your own sketch. On our site you can find interesting information on meteorites, ask your questions and simply have fun.
Stars and sky have always aroused a number of questions. And probably that is why we humans have learned to dream. Philosophical meaning and value of space is far from the frameworks of terre stial understanding of time, eternity, distance and sense of life.

It is definite to all of us that material matter is energy. Each of us has his own personal understanding of it.
But its confident that each of us wants his life to be filled with light, people surrounding us to be pure in their thoughts. We do want our beloved ones to live out their best qualities and the world around us to see us pure and natural.
We hold a meteorite splinter. What is it? A messenger from other worlds?  A far echo of eternity?  Where from and how long did it fly?

This is a splinter of pure and protogenic energy of creation, bearing the virgin and pure energy of space. Having travelled through millions of light years, it has brought a little Love and Light within it to our home planet.

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Central Scientific-Research Geological Exploration Museum of Academician FN Chernyshev.

Museum at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Pulkovo Observatory.

Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Vernadsky and the laboratory at the institute.