For the convenience of shopping, use the Trash. Clicking on the line "Add to Cart", you form an order, in the right box you can see what and how much your full basket. When you decide that it is enough to fill it, click on the word "basket" and you will be offered the final version of your order, you can adjust and be given a simple form for ordering. To complete the purchase, you click to buy at the bottom of the form. Within days you will contact our manager to clarify the method of payment and delivery.

Payment and delivery:

For buyers from St. Petersburg and Moscow can be delivered by courier from 10 to 20 hours and payment for goods upon receipt within 1-5 working days, respectively.

For residents of other regions and countries provided details for payment via bank transfer. Shipping occurs within days after receipt of money at the expense of the store by the postal service. Delivery time 7-10 days depending on distance.

All shipping costs to Russia included in the cost, all items are insured.

Individual order:

Custom order it - making jewelry with a meteorite or products of a meteorite in your sketch in 15-21 working days. All applications for manufacturing are discussed individually and the price line is not immediately before the start of work. If you have ideas and you want to make a unique order, you can simply write to the address: mymeteorite.mail @ gmail.com or call +7 (921) 900 28 38

You can order meteorites desired size and weight as before, and not represented in our range.

You always have the opportunity to propose alternative methods of payment and delivery within the existing legislation. If you decide to cancel the purchase to payment, you can always do it.