Черный камень Каабы в религии Ислама. Мечеть Ма́сджид Аль-Хара́м (المسجد الحرام‎) в Мекке.

In a small valley among the mountains, hidden from the world, is Islam's holy of holies - the city of Mecca. It is to him five times a day, turning the eyes of Muslims around the globe.

Kaaba, the holiest place in Islam (literally - "a place surrounded by honor"), cubic structure inside the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, to which has been 1400 years in a row are guided all the Muslims of the world, performing prayer. The Quran says that the Kaaba - the world's first building to worship Allah. The Sanctuary at this place still existed in pre-Islamic era. Some researchers argue that the Kaaba - the oldest temple on the earth. 
In 630, the prophet Mohammed threw out the pagan idols of the Kaaba, the temple has repaired and installed in its eastern corner of the Black Stone (al-Hajar al-Aswad) - a meteorite with a diameter of 30 centimeters, the main shrine of Islam. Millions of pilgrims performing the Hajj, tend to kiss a meteorite, to commemorate the Prophet.

Kaaba, the holiest place in Islam (literally - "a place surrounded by honor")

According to one legend, this stone was sent down by God to Adam and Eve. According to another version, the angel Gabriel (Gibran) gave it to Abraham (Ibrahim), so that he built in a meteorite in the foundation of his house. There is also a belief that the black stone - a frozen angel who will come to life in the Day of Judgement and will protect all who kiss it.

Black stone Kaaba

They say that the stone was originally white, but absorbed the sins of the people and blackened. The main feature of the Kaaba stone - it does not sink in water. In the Middle Ages, the meteorite was broken. Now he is glued with mortar and stamped silver rim. Kisses from millions of true believers, its apparent surface becomes shiny and smooth as glass (for one version, the black stone is porous glass - or rather, sand, melted in the fall of the meteorite in the desert).

Jewelry wiht meteorite