Экспедиция за железным метеоритом Muonionalusta. Место падения - Швеция.
Expedition in search of a meteorite

Expedition in search of a meteorite Muonionalusta under leadership of the skilled geologist - the expert in the meteorites, V.N.Stepakov has taken place in the end of May, 2010 and has lasted ten days.The action passed with four participants two of them specially arrived from Germany for that case. During this time joint efforts it was revealed three samples in gross weight of 40 kg. Average depth samples was levelled one metre.

Lately there are many geologists and unprofessionals from different countries worked around the place falling.  The local population cannot indifferently look at an event they takes part actively in searches of fragments of accident of space scale.

If to consider that the search zone was stretched on 75 km., To tell the truth, it is possible to consider our find as one of the most modest. The basic weights have been found to us. For example one found sample weighed 1800 kg., also it has been taken by the Russian team couple of years ago.

The search passed at the cross-country conditions in tundra near a polar circle. We had a good luck with weather, and insects have not woken up yet and did not intrude upon our leisure. Reindeers indifferently looked at us, and left away.


Expedition 2012.

 Expedition in search of a meteorite Muonionalusta 2012.

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