Экспедиция на Космодром Байконур (Буран, Протон, Союз-ТМА)
Expeditions to Baikonur

News about starts of the rockets, new companions and flights of the person in space caused make me a pleasant sad. The space flight the very courageous and impossible desire. Even money in that case does not solve a question. Certainly it would be desirable to take a look at least of it, but I did not think at all of it seriously. I communicated with one lovely woman about meteorites and to the magic case, I have been invited to the rocket start. There was two weeks until start, and there was no time to think.

The first trip has taken place on November, 12th, 2008, on start of a rocket the Union-TMA with two cosmonauts and one space tourist Richard Gerriotom.  When I have seen this start, my understanding of laws of physics has changed. I have received many impressions when I have seen a space shuttle "Buran". It was in a cosmodrome "Baikonur" museum.  It did not fly, but was an exact copy of that shuttle which in 1988 has made the real progress of the Russian astronautics. 

The same day in a museum there was a first copy of a meteorite and the history of a personal collection of meteorites in a museum has begun. It was very surprising that till now in a museum where all breathes by the space, there was no space mineral. I have got many hot impressions of dialogue with museum staff, we had so to say a scientific exchange.

The second trip was in November, 2009 it has been connected with start of a carrier rocket the Progress which mission was, to deliver cargo to MKS station. It is other rocket, but it has not brought impressions. Remains desire to look on Proton start.  This one is much more powerful. There was a new meteorite in a museum collection. It become fast the biggest collection in Kazakhstan.