Экспедиция на метеоритный кратер Lonar, Индия, штат Maharashtra.
Lonar crater

India, state Maharashtra, province Buldana, meteoric crater of Lonar (Lonar crater), February, 2009.

Co-ordinates: 19°58′36″N 76°30′30″E (19.976667, 76.508333). Approximate time of formation of a crater 50000 years ago. Diameter of 1800 metres, depth of 132 metres, water in the formed lake salty also has density of 10,7 gr./l.

Travel to a crater of Lonar was at a loss absence of a railway communication with this place. From the nearest station three hours of driving by the bus. The present Indian settlement where each child points a finger or waves the handle as a sign of a greeting. This attention very quickly bothers, but the purpose has justified means.  In the middle of plain there is almost equal crater on a circle, it is not interesting to local residents, in near trees peacocks are grazed.

Despite a rotten smell of water, it was very interesting to survey this place. We had not to search the meteorite rests, to me have explained that some time ago here all was surveyed very carefully by representatives NASA and apertures in stones reminded of their scientific searches. The holes are made by special drills for the purpose of extraction of stone samples of local breeds and the further studying in laboratory. The top circle of a crater, total of holes more than 100 pieces is carefully surveyed.

There are a pieces of temples different time the constructions around the lake all these facts speaking about the religious relation to this place of local residents. It was not possible to find out exact time of construction.  On a northeast part of a crater, there is an operating temple. Through it or from under it the stream of fresh water which runs into a crater flows.

It provides lake and surrounding flora with a moisture, being some kind of a life source, creating a microcosm in the limited diameter of a craterI sure that, in December this crater would present to scientists many new opening without this stream, remaining simultaneously lifeless space. Thanks to it, the lake bottom remains a riddle for the researcher and inspection without the special equipment is not possible.

Even to the usual inhabitant this place seemed to be mystical and mysterious. The delight varied a fright from each rustle, after that time to come to the senses was required.  Local residents threw ironic sights on us. It seemed to me, they know a little bit more about this place, but in these places you could not meet many English-speaking Hindus. Expedition on a crater has given answers to many my questions but when I left the new questions have appeared again.

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Geological survey of crater Lonar

Department of Geology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India