Теннисный мяч из метеорита победителю турнира St.Petersburg оpen 2009, Сергею Стаховскому.
Tennis ball from the meteorite
St.Petersburg оpen 2009.

First in November 2009, the winner of the tournament St.Petersburg open, Sergiy Stakhovsky was awarded a special prize, a tennis ball from a meteorite "Jiddat al Harasis 076", weight 340 gr., To the support of the meteorite "Muonionalusta" weight 32 gr. Source weight of 1128 grams of the meteorite. Even the casket with lodgements were individually made for the occasion. Manufacturing took two days and started immediately as we have learned that the winner may be awarded. Sergei did not expect such a gift and was surprised to open korbku with a prize. We are doubly pleased to make gifts that surprise. "World's fastest racket - the fastest ball!" Good luck Serge!

Meteorite "Jiddat al Harasis 076", weight 977.6 g. Type: Chondrite L6. Landed in the wilderness of Oman (Zufar), the coordinates fall of 19 ° 3 `0 `` N, 55 ° 26` 40 `` E. Found in 2002.

Meteorite "Muonionalusta". Type: IVA Octahedrite. Place falling Sweden, district Kiruna, Norrbotten. Date of fall 1906. Coordinates fall 67 ° 48 `N / 23 ° 6` E.