Today, 30 June 2009, successfully launched an online store meteorites and products with them.

This event is timed to one hundred and first anniversary of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. To date, scientists can not say exactly what happened June 30, 1908. And I will not seek an explanation for this phenomenon, since the aim of the project - to enable people interested in meteorites, to obtain information relating directly to meteorites.

That date - a sort of homage and respect for the pioneers and researchers of meteorites. The phenomenon of "the fall of the Tunguska meteorite" has given a major boost for the development of the science of meteorites, and allow scientists to organize the first scientific expedition to the site of the fall with the support of the state. Thanks to the dedication of known explorers LA Kulik, IM Suslov, and other scientists appeared and began to actively develop Meteoritika as a separate science. I believe the opening of the store dedicated just to this historic date, will be a symbolic push to promote the project and will create new opportunities for fans meteritov and space in general.