In Russian chronicles the fall of the meteorite first mentioned in 1091: "In the same summer se byst Vsevolod lovy deyuschi zverinyya for Vyshegorodom swept Tenet and klichanam clicked, the decline of my great serpent of heaven, all ye that fear lyude. At the same time, behold the earth Tap, Thou didst suffer many slyshasha ... "from the brief description of the event Laurentian Chronicle. Objectively, this record can count the age of Russian Meteoritics.

There is evidence that the so-called Stone of Destiny was brought to America from Sirius. According to the legend, the stone was handed to one of the rulers of Atlantis and then was given to King Solomon. "The stone was hidden in the tower at Shambhala in Tibet, its waves radiating waves that affect the fate of the world," ( a passage from a book by B. Henry ). This must have been one of the pieces of the Grail Stone!
The black stone is a Muslim relic and is believed to be a meteorite. It is integrated in one of the corners of Kaaba and is called the "black stone". Kaaba, the holiest place in Islam (literally - "a place surrounded by honor"), is a cubic building inside the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, to which all Muslims have prayed for 1400 years already. Quran says that Kaaba  is the world's first building to worship Allah. This place has already been regarded as sacred in pre-Islamic era. Some researchers suppose that Kaaba is the oldest temple in the world.

In 630, prophet Mohammed threw out the pagan idols of the Kaaba, the temple repaired and installed in its eastern corner of the Black Stone (al-Hajar al-Aswad) - a meteorite with a diameter of about 30 centimeters, the main shrine of Islam. Millions of pilgrims performing the hajj, trying to kiss a meteorite, to honor the memory of the Prophet.
According to one legend, this stone was sent down by God to Adam and Eve. According to another version, the archangel Gabriel (Gabriel) gave it to Abraham (Ibrahim), so that he put inside a meteorite in the foundation of his house. There is also a belief that the Black Stone - it is frozen angel who resides at the Day of Judgment and protects all who kiss it.
They say that the stone was originally white, but absorbed the sins and turned black. They say the Kaaba stone does not sink in water. In the Middle Ages the meteorite was broken. Now it is cemented with mortar and framed  in a silver ornament. Kissed by millions of true Muslims, its surface has become shiny and as smooth as glass (according to one version, the Black Stone is a porous glass - or rather sand, melted during the fall of the meteorite in the desert).

One of the Roman emperors - Heliogabalus (204-222) led the Romans to worship the sun god El-Gabala (Elagabalus Sol Invictus), formerly known as Baal. Physical manifestation of God became a black conical meteorite, whose built a temple on the Palatine.
Not all the people were ready to come to terms with the existence of meteorites. December 14, 1807 in the United States had fallen meteorite rain "Weston". The report, written by professors Kingsley and sillimanite, caught the eye of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence. He flatly refused to believe in him and called the scientists liar. A similar situation was in France. In 1772, the famous chemist Lavoisier opposed meteorites, and the next few decades, Academy of Sciences put all messages on their fall resolution: "Stones can not fall from the sky because the sky no stones."

The first scientific work, which claims the cosmic origin of meteorites, appeared in 1794, its author, the German physicist Ernst chill, was able to give a unified explanation for three puzzling phenomena: fly across the sky fireballs, falling to the ground melted bits of iron and stone after passage and finds strange melted iron blocks in different places of the Earth. According to chill, all this is connected with the arrival on Earth of cosmic matter.
In 1880, two Brahmin in India (Andhra) have found a meteorite, and proclaimed himself his "ministers", and then dragged him to the thousands of pilgrims. Similar biases have been preserved in some regions of the world until now. For example, August 14, 1992 on Uganda's fallen meteorite rain. Local residents have made of stone powder, allegedly assisted by AIDS. (More ancient people meteorites were ground into powder and pilis as a remedy for many ailments).

The Bible describes the destruction of the armies of five kings of the phenomenon, very similar to a powerful meteorite rain: "When they fled before Israel on the mountain slope of Beth-horon, the Lord cast upon them great stones from heaven to the very Azekah, and they died, there were more of those who died of hailstones than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword "(Joshua 10:11). Russian Chronicle also full of colorful descriptions of rock slides - but not divine, but "the devil":
In the same summer se byst Vsevolod lovy deyuschi zverinyya for Vyshegorodom swept Tenet and klichanam clicked, the decline of my great serpent of heaven, all ye that fear lyude. At the same time, behold the earth Tap, Thou didst suffer many slyshasha ...
Laurentian Chronicle (observation from 1091).

In 1290 the city fell Ustug "stone cloud." About this scourge has warned residents of St. Prokop. He is "weeping and supplications" could reject a rockfall in the direction of the wasteland, so none of their people are not hurt. After this miracle in the village Olbovo temple was built, the foundation laid by one of the meteorites.
In 1492, near the town Ensisheym (Alsace, France) has fallen "boulder". Archduke Maximilian (the future Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) immediately arrived on the scene and ordered the chain Skywalker chain to the city wall of the temple, lest he flew back. Monarch meteorite believed his lucky charm.
Greek myths say that Zeus sent to the western and eastern edges of the world two eagles and a point of their meeting threw a stone, marked as such center of the universe - Omphale (omfalos), "the navel of the earth." There is also a legend that previously Omphale was a stone, swallowed by Cronus (Saturn), instead of Zeus. Stone was at the oracle at Delphi. According to eyewitnesses, he had a circular cross section with a hole in the middle and was covered with ornamental carvings. Along with Zeus known descriptions of the Slavic Perun, Indian Indra, tossing to Earth along with a lightning fire stone and iron "boom", or "thunder stones". (The zipper is usually taken fireball that preceded the fall of the meteorite.)
Ancient symbol of the cult of the goddess Kibelly was dark-colored stone (probably a meteorite)

Iron Age - the third, after the stone and bronze.
The appearance of products of iron dates from around 1200 BC. e.
Iron is rarely in pure form and the first iron products (needles, swords, arrowheads and spears, shields and armor) were made it was probably a meteorite from outer gland.
Since ancient times people have seen in meteorites, material embodiment of heavenly gods, it is made of iron meteorites and even the object of worship: in their place of worship erected the fall of iron meteorites were made divine religious charms, amulets.
Comparing the meteoritic iron with gold, silver and copper, our ancestors could not help but admire his superiority in hardness, strength, fire resistance.
Ancient legends convey stories about the "heavenly" origin of the weapons and armor of the great conquerors - the leader of the Huns, Attila, Tamerlane, King Arthur ... Among the archaeological finds of bronze axes of the Chinese Shang period (XII-X centuries. BC. E.), The blades are made of melted meteorites.
Archaeologists are known products, consisting of about 90% of iron, created long before the Bronze Age. Well-known example - a dagger, found in the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen, who lived in the 14 th century BC Analysis of chemical composition showed that this iron dagger main impurity - nickel - a direct reference to the origin of meteoritic material.

Products from Bulatov/damask received worldwide fame and had retained the interest of fans of bladed weapons. During its existence became overgrown patterned set of legends. But there is still no clear idea of how to have arisen and spread as the technology allowed to receive these sorts of weapons-grade metal. There is speculation that in their present composition "meteorite metal.

Despite the successes of metallurgy iron meteorite, she had no prospects, as well as meteorites could be enough not only for weapons and tools, but even for religious rituals.
Later, iron was extolled as a representative of the underworld, chthonic element.
With the opening of cast iron, iron very quickly dominate in the production of weapons and agricultural implements.
Possession of iron was to determine the outcome of battles, the course of history and technological progress.
But back to the heavenly metal.
There are a lot of other evidence of veneration of meteorites in different places of the planet. On this subject were held very deep study by the British Egyptologist GA Wainwright, who published their findings in the "Journal of Egyptian Antiquities". Wainwright traced the evolution of the Egyptian "meteorite" cult and its connection with the worship of certain gods, in particular, he proved that "anikonicheskaya" (similar to the cone) shape tebanskogo Amuna God says that he "god" was a meteorite, known as Ca -mut-F. In all the mythologies of ancient meteorite fall comprehend how ierogamiya - the sacred marriage of the god of heaven and goddess of the earth. Going into the ground, the meteorite has symbolized the connection of heaven and earth, the birth of new life.

In magic is regarded as very strong and active metal, but messy and little amenable to outside influence, but because - having protective properties. Its wide distribution and bearing in the form of rings and other amulets, as well as the use of protective rituals based on the belief that the demons, ghosts and other creatures are afraid of powerful projective vibrations of the metal.
For the king had a favorite ring, Alexander of Macedon - a crown. Both the king never parted with their charms and give them magical powers. And the ring, and a crown made of stars .... More precisely, of meteoric iron.