Магазин метеоритов. Обручальное кольцо с метеоритом Сеймчан из белого золота.
Wedding ring.
Meteorite Sejmchan.

Rings for those who believes that matrimonies consist in heavens!
We give you unique possibility to order manufacturing of wedding rings with meteorites. Splinters from distant suburbs of the Universe will introduce even more depths and infinity in your union and will help to rise over time ordinary reality situations. There will be a possibility to come off terrestrial cares and having adjusted on a philosophical wave to reflect on sense of life and to dream.

Wedding ring from white gold with a meteorite of Sejmchan. The insert is an integral ring, is turned from the sample of a meteorite in the turning way and has kept the initial crystal structure. The sizes of rings available 16; 17.

Manufacturing to order from silver, yellow gold and platinum of any size is possible. Manufacturing of 14-21 days. The design of a ring can be developed also under the individual order.

Meteorite Sejmchan- iron-stony meteorite, type IIE or Pallasite. Place incidence Russia, Magadan region. Found in 1967.

Ingredients: iron (Fe), about 94% nickel (NI) is about 6%. Coordinates: 62 ° 54 `N, 152 ° 26` E.

Made in St. Petersburg, Russia.

More information about the meteorite Meteoritical Bulletin Database.


Сделано в Санкт-Петербурге, Россия.

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