Магазин метеоритов. Магазин - монета с метеоритом NWA 4925 (Марс). Острова Кука, 2009 г. Пять Новозеландский долларов.
Coin with a meteorite.
Meteorite NWA 4925

Silver coin with a special copper covered under the color of the surface of Mars. Accurate simulation of the planet, with an insert of natural Martian meteorite type Achondrite NWA 4925 (Martian basalt, Shergottite). The place of discovery - Northwest Africa.

25 grams of silver of 925 quality - Antique-finish, diameter - 38,61 mm., Minted in 2009, edition of 2500 pcs., Nominal 5 $ (New Zealand Dollar, NZD).

Place coinage: B.H. Mayer's Kunstprägeanstal GmbH (Germany). On the reverse side profile Elizabeth II (Cook Islands Mileage Year Displ in the Kingdom, New Zealand, led by the monarch Queen Elizabeth II).

Cook Islands (Cook Islands) - Archipelago and the state of the same name, located in the South Pacific, consists of 15 islands covering a total area of 236.7 km ².

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