Магазин метеоритов. Серебряная монета с Лунным метеоритом NWA 4881, 2009 год, 5$.
Coin with a meteorite.
Coin with original piece of lunar
meteorite NWA4881.

Coin with original piece of lunar meteorite NWA4881, type - Achondrite (lunar, granulitic breccia). Found in 2005 and purchased by Stefan Ralew in January 2007 from a dealer in Quarzazate, Morocco.

25 grams of silver of 925 quality - Antique-finish, diameter - 38,61 mm., Minted in 2009, edition of 1969 pcs., Nominal 5 $ (New Zealand Dollar, NZD).

Place coinage: B.H. Mayer's Kunstprägeanstal GmbH (Germany). On the reverse side profile Elizabeth II (Cook Islands Mileage Year Displ in the Kingdom, New Zealand, led by the monarch Queen Elizabeth II).

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