Магазин метеоритов. Монета с метеоритом Hammadah al Hamra 280 (HAH 280), острова Кука, 2010 год, $5.
Coin with a meteorite
Meteorite Hammadah al Hamra 280

It was March 2000 when, in Jabal al Gharb in the Hammadah al Hamra region of Libya, a meteorite hunter stumbled across one of the rarest astronomical finds of our modern era – the HAH 280 Meteorite. Classified in the very rare carbonaceous chondrite or CK4 group, the HAH 280 is believed to be around 700 million years older than our solar system. Up to 220 amino acids (the basis on which proteins are formed) exist in these amazing minerals and it is from this that the key to life on this earth is believed to originate.

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the discovery of the HAH 280 Meteorite, Euro Collections International is over the moon to present to you the 2010 $5 HAH Meteorite Antique Silver BU. Impeccably struck from antiqued .925 sterling silver, the reverse of this superb coin shows a vivid, full-colour depiction of a primordial solar nebula, a stunning phenomenon similar to that of where the HAH 280 Meteorite is believed to originate. The astronomical highlight of this antique silver BU coin is found embedded in its reverse – an ORIGINAL PIECE OF THE HAH 280 METEORITE! Taken from the meteorite Hammadah al Hamra 280, this stone is amongst the rarest acquisitions a person could make as there are less than 27 kilograms of it worldwide. Measuring 38.61mm in diameter and presented in a specially designed, official case with Certificate of Authenticity, this legal tender coin has a worldwide mintage of just 2,500 pieces which is set to sell-out faster than the speed of light.

Coordinates: 28°28.214'N, 12°58.317'E.

Place coinage: B.H. Mayer's Kunstprägeanstal GmbH (Germany). On the reverse side profile Elizabeth II (Cook Islands Mileage Year Displ in the Kingdom, New Zealand, led by the monarch Queen Elizabeth II).


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