Магазин метеоритов. Метеорит Сихотэ-Алинь. Дата падения: 12 февраля 1947г. в 10 ч. 38 мин. Координаты: 46° 9\' 36\
Meteorite Sikhote-Alin
Weight 16,7 grams.
2 900 rub.

The meteorite Sikhote-Alin (隕石 Sikhote-Alin) - refers to the iron meteorites, the type of Iron IIB-OgH. Weight 15,6 grams.

Place falling - Russia, Primorsky Krai, Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Sikhote-Alin Reserve (387,284 ha). Date of fall: 12 February 1947. 10 hours 38 min. According to eyewitnesses, the fall of the meteoroid was \\\\\\\"brighter than the sun, casts a shadow\\\\\\\" (the fall was in the morning) and \\\\\\\"blind eye\\\\\\\". Currently, the search for meteоorite hampered its protected area as a reserve, it is a place to save sable and monitoring the Amur tiger.

Ingredients: iron -93.32%; nickel -5.71%; cobalt -0.48%; copper - 0.011%; phosphorus - 0.28%. Approximate coordinates: 46° 9\\\\\\\' 36\\\\\\\"N, 134° 39\\\\\\\' 12\\\\\\\"E. Area fall from 25 to 35 square kilometers.

More information about the meteorite Sikhote - Alin in Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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