Магазин метеоритов. Железный метеорит Gebel Kamil, атаксит. Место падения - пустыня Uweinat, Египет.
Meteorite Gebel Kamil
Weight 112,08 gr.
10 900 rub.

Iron meteorite Gebel Kamil - ataxite. Weight - 112,08 gramms. Found 19 February 2009.

Coordinates: 22°01\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'06\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"N,  26°05\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'16\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"E (East Uweinat Desert, Egypt). Composition of the metal (ICP-MS; D’Orazio and Folco 2003) is Co = 0.75, Ni = 19.8 (both in wt%), Cu = 464, Ga = 49, Ge = 121, As = 15.6, Mo = 9.1, Ru = 2.11, Rh = 0.75, Pd = 4.8, Sn = 2.49, Sb = 0.26, W = 0.66, Re = 0.04, Ir = 0.39, Pt = 3.5, Au = 1.57 (all in ppm).

The so named \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Kamil Crater\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was located during a Google Earth \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"low flight\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" (1,000 m above ground level) by Vincenzo De Michele (Istituto Gemmologico Italiano). The necessary on-site verification of the Kamil Crater was undertaken in the February 2009 expedition by members of Zerzura Club: Massimo Cammelli, Lorenzo De Cola, Vincenzo de Michele, Mario Di Martino, Adriano Furlani, Giancarlo Negro, Gil Ruozzi e Tommaso Vannini.


The thousands of iron meteorite (ataxite rich in nickel) specimens found scattered within the crater and in the surrounding area confirmed the meteoritic impact origin of the crater. The crater is locate at Djebel Kamil, south of Gilf Kebir nearby the Sudanese border. The crater is 45 m in diameter.

A Italian-Egyptian geophysical expedition was then carried out in February 2010 in order to describe this model impact structure and to collect most meteorites specimens in the crater area. The Team identified 5,178 meteoritic fragments totaling 1,7 tons — the biggest single specimen weighs 83 kg.

Gebel Kamil - Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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