Магазин метеоритов. Кольцо из метеорита Сеймчан.
Meteorite ring
Meteorite Sejmchan.

The ring is made from a sample of the meteorite Sejmchan. The ring handled with a special solution, making visible the unique crystal structure of the meteorite. Ring may be polished and will have a metallic luster. You can also order a laser engraving on the ring and inside the ring. The ring can be made by individual design, any shape. Term of seven working days.

Meteorite Sejmchan- iron-stony meteorite, type IIE or Pallasite. Place incidence Russia, Magadan region. Found in 1967.

Ingredients: iron (Fe), about 94% nickel (NI) is about 6%. Coordinates: 62 ° 54 `N, 152 ° 26` E.

Made in St. Petersburg, Russia.

More information about the meteorite Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

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